Debra Davatz

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Attorney-at-law & Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law

Debra Davatz has been involved in many complex domestic and transnational M&A transactions (including corporate reorganisation). As a Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law, her private clients work is focused on estate planning, concepts for business and asset succession, inheritance contracts, wills, prenuptial agreements, foundations, counsel to communities of heirs, administration of executor mandates, separation of matrimonial assets and distribution of estates.

debra.davatz@davatzlegal.ch • Tel. +41 44 213 80 40

Professional career

Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law and Corporate Lawyer, Niederer Kraft & Frey
Senior Associate, Niederer Kraft & Frey
Associate, Niederer Kraft & Frey 
Junior Lawyer, Niederer Kraft & Frey  
Legal Member of the “Task-Force-Team” of the Commercial Registry Office of the Canton of Zurich


Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law
CAS in Inheritance Law, University of Zurich and University of Lucerne
Admitted to the Bar (Attorney-at-law)
University of Zurich, lic. iur.





Inheritance law, matrimonial property and family law

  • National and international estate and wealth planning
  • Succession planning of family enterprises
  • Testamentary contracts, last wills and contracts of succession
  • Anticipatory succession and transfers by way of gift or succession
  • Distribution of estates, representation of heirs, administration and management of estates
  • Serving as executor of wills and testaments
  • Healthcare proxies, patient provisions, powers of attorney, instructions in the case of death
  • Contracts for marriage, concubinage and registered partnerships
  • Matrimonial property planning
  • Relocation of private persons to Switzerland
  • Establishment of foundations

Contract law and corporate law

  • Establishment of corporations, merger & acquisitions, change of corporate forms, corporate reorganizations and liquidation of corporations
  • Capital increases
  • Advising private clients on investments in (family) corporations
  • Shareholders' agreements and further precautionary measures with regards to succession planning
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts in the areas of Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Advising private and public companies and their Board of Directors
  • Relocation of corporations to Switzerland
  • Labour Law
  • Tenancy and Lease Law

Nadine Schmid

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After successful graduation of her legal studies at the University of Lucerne Nadine Schmid was employed in the legal department of Tamedia Ltd (leading private Swiss media group), in particular focusing on media law, labour and corporate law, general administrative law and contract law. After that she was a Junior Associate at DAVATZ LEGAL and focused on inheritance law, matrimonial property and family law as well as contract and corporate law. Since 2018 she works as a Legal Associate at DAVATZ LEGAL and advises clients competently in contingency and estate planning. Nadine Schmid has already drafted numerous advance care directives, last wills and testaments as well as marriage and inheritance contracts and has assisted in several will execution and division mandates.

nadine.schmid@davatzlegal.ch • Tel. +41 44 213 80 44

Professional career

since 2020       
Attorney-at-law, DAVATZ LEGAL

Legal Associate, DAVATZ LEGAL
Junior Associate, DAVATZ LEGAL
Legal department, Tamedia Ltd
Paralegal, Niederer Kraft & Frey AG


Admitted to the Bar (Attorney-at-law)

University of Lucerne, Master of Law (MLaw)
Master thesis: «Gleichgeschlechtliche Paare und der Kinderwunsch» (Same-sex couples and the desire to have children)
University of Lucerne, Bachelor of Law (BLaw)

Our team.


Mario Erni (independant)

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Partner at Rohner & Erni Tax Ltd, Swiss Certified Tax Expert, MLaw

For more than a decade, Mario Erni focuses on Swiss and International tax law. Before founding Rohner & Erni Tax Ltd in 2015, Mario Erni was engaged as tax advisor with Ernst & Young and afterwards with the renowned Zurich based law firm Niederer Kraft & Frey. Alongside the advisory activity, Mario Erni lectures on a regular basis Swiss and International tax law at various institutions and tax congresses.

Dr. Roger Rohner (independant)

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Partner at Rohner & Erni Tax AG, Swiss Certified Tax Expert, MAS FH in VAT

Dr. Roger Rohner has been active as a tax advisor for more than 10 years, first as an academic assistant with the chair for tax, finance, and administration law of Prof. Dr. Markus Reich of the University of Zurich, afterwards at Ernst & Young and at ADB Altorfer Duss & Beilstein AG and since 2015 as a Partner at Rohner & Erni Tax AG. Roger Rohner is a well known specialist in VAT.He is a lecturer at various institutes and universities as well and a speaker at several tax congresses.

Melanie Strässle

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Melanie Strässle joined DAVATZ LEGAL in September 2019 as an Attorney-at-law. She worked for several years as a court clerk in the judicial system. Thanks to this long-term experience, she has in-depth knowledge of procedural law and knows how to handle extensive and complex cases efficiently. Melanie Strässle was responsible for proceedings in matters of family law, matrimonial property and inheritance law. She was also responsible for labour, social security and criminal proceedings.

In her work as an Attorney-at-law and notary public in the canton of Thurgau, she has already drafted numerous marriage and inheritance contracts, last wills as well as precautionary orders for her clients. Due to her experience as Chairwoman of the Concilation Authority dealing with lease and rental matters in the District of Pfäffikon, Melanie Strässle is also familiar with tenancy law matters.

In addition to her work as an Attorney-at-law, Melanie Strässle is a substitute judge at a Zurich District Court since 2017.

melanie.straessle@davatzlegal.ch • Tel. +41 44 213 80 43

Professional career

since 2019        
Attorney-at-law, DAVATZ LEGAL
since 2018
Actuary ad hoc, Administrative Court of the Canton of Graubünden
since 2017
Substitute Judge at a Zurich District Court
since 2017
Associate at a Law Firm

Associate at an international Law Firm in Zurich
Chairwoman of the Concilation Authority for Tenancy and Leasehold matters in the District of Pfäffikon ZH

Clerk and Court Clerk at the District Court of Pfäffikon ZH
Legal Counsel at a legal expenses insurance


Admitted to the Bar (Attorney-at-law)
University of Zurich, lic. iur.


Erik Najdl

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erik.najdl@davatzlegal.ch • Tel. +41 44 213 80 43




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